Lina Ballita
USEK - Holy spirit University of Kaslik

Project idea

City cradle of humanity gathering various functions.
The land before a strategic position is located between 3 poles the university, the station and the city. The university brings wisdom and order, the station ... tourism and transport. As for the city, disorder and chaos.
The urban analysis of the surroundings indicates that there are various typologies and a lack of green space: modern buildings 60-70, towers and traditional houses. These buildings once removed a rural aspect persists: characteristic of a Mediterranean town.
Architecture expires and the landscape inspires. So it's up to us to design an architecture that responds to the site at the time and human.
The project being a multifunctional space, project welcoming students and tourists, my architectural aim being to create on the one hand a residential tower with Mediterranean character, illusion of common life in the Lebanese tradition and a horizontal sculpture on the other hand reflecting calm and dynamism: it is the sports center.
The tower, formed of several entities of rooms breaks up with terraces and takes the scale of its surroundings (continuing the kaslik street) evoking the existing collective life. These entities, pure products manipulated by human beings, will be placed in duality with nature: water, earth and light: 《it is the vertical student district》

As for the entry of tourists, the floating sports hall welcomes young people and tourism: 《it is the horizontal sculpture》 and the dynamism of the city.
2 Welcoming follies, representing order and chaos, are strategically positioned in the city appealing to the entrance.
The staircase considered as a public place in the Mediterranean city, connects the two roads allowing the infiltration of the residents in the public place with the promenade.
The kiosks having as a function of snacks animate the urban route inviting the discovery of Lebanese culture.
The project includes unique elements of the environment, water earth light and specific elements of kaslik, the horizontal of the port and the vertical of the frames.
The dynamism of the project lies in the maneuverability between horizontality and verticality to make simplicity a perfect harmony between the useful, the beautiful and the just.
《It is therefore mother nature who gives my project its dynamism and vitality》.

Welcoming and dynamic project: 《Welcome to the follies of kaslik! 》

Project description

Two welcoming follies, representing order and chaos, are strategically positioned in the city appealing to the entrance.
Due to its position, the project offers a walk from Kaslik Street to Port Street. This architectural promenade animated by kiosks and green spaces. In addition, the project responds to its time for the contemporary aspect while responding to the historical contexts of the city of Jounieh in Lebanon. As for the man, the project is welcoming for students, floating boxes and for athletes near the sports center.
As for tourists, the project is presented as a cultural and sporting appeal. The vertical residential tower with a Mediterranean aspect and the sports center with a welcoming entrance from the port side.

Technical information

The project presents three structural systems. The residential tower: load-bearing walls carrying the metal boxes (rooms) in latticework. As for the sports hall, it is carried by a mushroom system with a retractable roof for lighting effects in the evening and ventilation in summer. In addition, the roof of the swimming pool can also be retracted, which makes the sports center a sustainable and ecological center. As for the catering and parking part, the system is that of post beam.
The project is, in addition to its structural complexity, an ecological and sustainable project. The roofs of the rooms have double walls, the restaurants with solar panels, the terraces with lawns, the roofs with a rainwater collection system. As for the materials, they are ecological and durable: self-cleaning concrete, stainless steel, plasterboard wall at the level of the lattice rooms. A complex project that responds to its context and is sustainable.

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