Queer Community Center

Yearin Park
School of Visual Arts | New York NY
United States of America

Project idea

QUEER is the new LGBTQ+ center for greater Seattle.

Located adjacent to the University of Washington, QUEER will cater to the vulnerable LGBTQ+ population and reflect core values of diversity, inclusivity, and freedom of identity.

Constantly under pressure and attack, the LGBTQ+ community needs a place to gather, grow, organize, support, heal, defend and celebrate the queer experience/ identity. Now, more than ever, with trans people being ostracized and the legality of gay marriage being questioned, QUEER will be a welcoming and open center for the entire Seattle community.

Project description

Queer is located nearby the UW area on University street. It is well known for its hot spot of food and stores. It is popular among the locals and the visitors as well

It is important to keep the flow of the building, understanding how I was going to gather the visitors. I also took into consideration the activity of the building. The first floor will be public, and as you explore the top of the building, it will become more private.

When I designed the space I wanted to have a full experience of what queerness is. Bring that story to the community. I wanted to create a space of safety and comfort by using Queer artists and furniture that express their unique color story.

Being Queer has its own story. That's why Queer has an open gallery, cafes, Runways, lectures, therapy, and more. Queer Community Center is for everyone that wants to know more about what being Queer means.

Technical information

For my renderings, I used Sketchup, Lumion, and Photoshop.

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