The Worm

Yvonne Darmawan
Ciputra University

Project idea

The Worm was born from the idea of making study like an adventure. Students should be seeking new knowledge as enjoyable as going on an adventure. To achieve this goal, the campus center of STU has to be an exciting place. Today, the students will be greeted by massive blocks of boxy buildings upon entering the campus location. It is just the typical concrete jungle reality that we commonly found in a big city like Bratislava. To add an adventurous side, the building of Slovak University of Technology center was made unique.

Project description

This idea brought to the building design by having a shape like a giant worm in the Spongebob TV series and makes it bigger at the end to look like a cave. The caves not only symbolize the adventurous spirit, but also the nature of Slovakia. As we all know, Slovakia is gifted with many karst caves.

Technical information

The cave idea also formed the interior of the university center. To make a wide feeling, the worm-like building only becomes the shell, while the interior has its own structure. The room is placed in the middle, so the University Center’s users can enjoy the structure and make them feel inside of something bigger, just like how we feel when entering a cave. However, the experience inside can be a little bit contrary. The structure is covered in glass windows, so it gives abundant sunlight to the building. This could reduce energy during the day, as fewer lamps needed.


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