Social Housing, is More

Ramiro Saavedra Llosa
Universidad Mayor Real y Pontificia San Francisco Xavier de Chuquisaca
Plurinational State of Bolivia

Project idea

In the city of Sucre there are unmet needs in infrastructure, from overcrowding, pollution, deficit in basic services, environmental problems and demand in the development of social housing. These parameters contribute to factors such as insecurity, vandalism and deterioration or abandonment of spaces.
The chosen site is located in district III in a growth area, the area currently requires urban and architectural improvements (Urban Peripheries)

Project description

The project focuses on generating a cheap housing proposal for people with limited economic resources through simple construction systems, to reduce construction costs. This is due to the exponential growth in the demographic index in bordering areas. It seeks to propose more, with fewer resources, to use architecture and design as the main point to make affordable social housing typologies, with the implementation of sustainable concepts and implementation of native species of the region to improve the quality of life of the people benefited.

Technical information

The proposal is attached to the site without trying to modify its characteristics as much as possible to generate good views, the simple management of the volumes seeks to create spaces of coexistence in the middle of the houses to interact with the neighbors and people in general. Bridges were used to connect both blocks and generate connections, both vertical (Elevators + Stairs), and horizontal (Bridges).
The proposal uses simple and easily reproducible constructive concepts in the context such as:
Ribbed slabs, columns, footings, exposed materials, brick, reinforced concrete, metallic supporting structures for green walls and safety glass.
The building was designed to lower energy costs, reduce pollution with the use of vegetation and focus on the material, not as a constructive element, but as a composition element to improve the living realities of the benefited people. A building that improves with people.

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