Innovation center STU in Bratislava

Tereza Krystynová
Czech Republic

Project idea

My goal was to create an innovation center STU in Bratislava, supplemented by the transformation of the campus courtyard, to maintain the current state of heavy laboratories, including appearance, static scheme, materials used, and layout. For the superstructure, the construction system of the building was slightly reduced. I intended to create a place for everyone who moves on campus. Within the whole project, several different places were designed for study, relaxation, sports, for a stay with friends both inside the building and outside.

Project description

According to the assignment, the design of underground garages was fulfilled on two floors with service using 4 car lifts supplemented by one one-way ramp with traffic lights. The ramp has been preserved existing and due to the small space, it is not possible to widen the ramp and thus create a two-way operation of the ramp. A total of 299 places were created underground and there are another 45 places for cars at ground level. Inside the campus, the demolition of the existing building is proposed, instead, a space with an organic character is created, which connects to the lecture building and thus creates a very dynamic interior of the campus. The courtyard is complemented by grassy areas - grassy ramparts, used for rest, it also includes a grassy terrain staircase, complete with trees and a place to sit, and a workout playground covered with a suspended sailing structure.

3PP and 2PP are used for car parking. On the 1st floor, there is a library with facilities, a study room, and a workshop. 1st floor is used for the main entrance to the building. Part of this floor is the entrance hall with reception, information center, cloakroom, and printer. On the 2nd floor you can visit a café, go to an exhibition in the exhibition space or you can go to study in the study room. 3rd floor is used for catering and its facilities. The 4th and 5th floors are intended for the research sector, which includes not only offices and laboratories, but also a showroom, exhibition areas, and an educational and experimental center for the public. The roof is also walkable, green. It is used for research - for growing herbs and plants in the peat of the roof composition. On the roof, there is also an outdoor classroom, gazebos with seating, as well as closed boxes for smaller groups. Each floor has facilities with toilets.

Technical information

The construction system of the building is left. The skeletal system is supplemented by stair cores due to the stiffening of the building and the division of the building into individual fire sections. The construction heights of the existing building are retained. On higher floors, construction heights are reduced according to the needs of the operation.


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