The Pop Culture Café - The Scenery Café

Tesarina Gomme
Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur (IUKL) [formerly known as Kuala Lumpur Infrastructure University College (KLIUC)],School of Architecture and Built Environment,Kajang,

Project idea

It aims to assist students understand the importance of spatial organisation as a leading aspect in architectural design by presenting a few examples from precedent studies, as well as their design philosophy and principles, in the context of a few spatial design experiments.
To provide effective design, it is necessary to understand how site contextual concerns influence design. Students must be aware of the technical and fire safety requirements imposed by local authorities and the fire department.

Project description

Project 1 is an introductory project in which we are required to learn and explore many areas of spatial organisation, design principle layout, and so on through the completion of simple design assignments. By introducing us to a single topic, this initiative intends to assist introduce us to a number of precedents: Precedent Architecture is Project 1A.

There are various aspect associated with spatial typology. Following that, we were asked to identify and categorise elements of an object. Examine the design features of the precedent we chosen. as a result of the approaches used in Project 1A,

In Project 1B: Sensory, we were to develop three-dimensional models to showcase their mastery of design ideas. Vaudeville theatre. coping with human-scale concepts Materials and texture, as well as light and shadow, solid and void.

As a continuation of Project 1, in which precedent architects were exhaustively examined, the Pop Culture Cafe was serve as a platform for us to put our design thinking talents to the test with reference from our favourite prior master architect.

In this assignment, we were to demonstrate our abilities to plan and narrate our design through the experience space planning. By providing consumers with a unique and diverse experience, we were to build a Pop Culture Café centred around a specific pop culture phenomenon. The stated categories were to include topics like arts, entertainment, music, sports, fashion, and technology, which may assist a person feel that their life revolves around a specific subject.

Technical information

1. THE SITE STUDY; Site inventory, analysis, and synthesis were all part of the site study task.

2. THE ERGONOMIC STUDY; The anthropometry that connects to physical activity, their working space, and their environment, as well as different workplace and workstation designs to fit the user, were all required for the ergonomic study task. The goal is to reduce discomfort and the risk of injury while participating in the activities.

3. THE CASE STUDY; Complete a comprehensive case study on a restaurant and café design, the case study's conclusion must be communicated once the design process is complete, and must be relevant.


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