Community Housing project - Slave island, Colombo, Sri Lanka

chamuditha koralage
Sri Lanka

Project idea

The overall building is a balanced combination of solids and voids; the open areas with inviting quality which allows people to get connected and conceptually it represents the ‘voids’. The housing units which focus on their individuality and personal space conceptually represent the ‘solids’.
All these together create a form that is dense more into the corner of the site and sloping down as platforms towards the De Mel park, on both sides which allow the building to create transparency throughout the spaces and provide a more open/ free atmosphere.

Project description

The proposed housing should cater to the existing users while uplifting the quality of their lives. So I intend to achieve this by providing acceptance and a sense of value, usefulness, and a safe feeling to this community with the rest of the city which will eventually give acceptance and value to this community living here.
- Integrating this built environment with positive activities along with the existing ‘De Mel Park’ as a common/open space for the rich as well. It will provide opportunities to these people to conduct useful businesses as various services in the commercial part of the project.
- Creating a balance between their social life and family life (Individuality) by providing a personal place that gives the families living a more introverted and personal safe space yet provide an open/inviting quality to bring in other communities.

Technical information

The design has been initiated by concerning several design aspects,

Most importantly, the goal of the environmental resolution for this design is to achieve maximum comfort in the exterior and interior spaces of the design, through the use of sustainable and passive design strategies. And also to use the available natural resources in maximum to reduce the energy usage of the building.

Achieving the structural requirement of the building with a minimum
construction cost, time, and the flexibility of expansions and additions
of structure.


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