Revitalisation the DNA

Dana Ibrahim
jordan university

Project idea

When visiting Al-Abdali, Amman, one of the issues that took my attention was a problem with Amman’s identity, you can see this plot everywhere around the world and that was a big issue because of the critical and sensitive context. Therefore, It was studied the history of buildings in Amman and their formation. This hotel represents Amman's clustering but in a vertical way.

Project description

The project's -which is a 5-star hotel- aim was to create an image that tries to adapt to Amman's image and at the same time to create a new and original one. As a hotel, it should create an interesting experience for the visitors , therefore, each room and floor is not the same as the others as well as the views. Every room in this hotel has its view to enjoy Amman's views no matter where they are.

Technical information

The rotation in all levels helps to create a fantastic view for each room and tries to create from the outside a new different way of dealing with hotels in Amman.