Interior Design

Get Lost in the Snow_An Immersive experience for PATAGONIA Retail Store_Yufei(Serena) Zhong_2021_SCAD_INSPIRELI

Yufei(Serena) Zhong
Savannah College of Art and Design
United States of America

Project idea

The mountains covered by thick snow, the zigzag marks left by the skis on the snow, the touch of the cold wind on people’s faces, and the blizzard splashed by the contact between the snow and the skis -- these are the experiences created when immersed in winter sports. By creating a space that evokes these feelings, people will be encouraged to discover the infinite joy of winter in the mountains.

Project description

The retail space will be located in Savannah, GA but will be considered a prototype for a temporary installation. We will explore retail design specific to the lifestyle brand, Patagonia, where you will be designing an experiential retail space for them. Within the framework of a retail environment, importance will be given to integrating the company ethos/mission into a branded environment. To add a layer of complexity to the project, we will be using sustainable design practices throughout to advocate for more sustainable retail solutions that align with Patagonia’s mission.

Patagonia has a strong mission and has made considerable efforts to build ethical business practices within their company. When researching the client do your due diligence and research their company ethos, fair trade and business practices, and current environmental brand.

Technical information

The whole design materials were combined with metal and different colored concrete, to create the sense of snow. (All the finishing materials and design fixture materials are all sustainable).