Interior Design

Yufei(Serena) Zhong_Thron Records_Sky Box Design

Yufei(Serena) Zhong
Savannah College of Art and Design
United States of America

Project idea

Thorn Records company promotes Hard Rock and is a new business located in LA. Its skybox is dedicated to providing a place where people can have fun and relieve inner stress wantonly. Hard Rock is a kind of self-attitude towards people and objects; it is an independent thought of seeking self-breakthrough and breaking the conventional in the myriad world. It is like stepping on a thorn; although feet are injured, they still go down persistently.
The design is based on the strong auditory influence of Hard Rock, using rigid space structures, conflicting colors, and strong contrasts. Durable materials provide surfaces that motivate people to play hard and live wild.

Project description

The client is the CEO of a major music recording company. S/he has purchased a luxury skybox for use by the company’s recording artists when they are in the area.
S/he has contracted you to custom design the sky-boxes. The design objectives for space are to:
1. Incorporate the music company’s logo and brand identity into the design of the space
2. Incorporate aspects of the company’s musical style (choose the style: hip-hop, country, rock, etc.—ONE STYLE) into space;
3. In the interest of environmental responsibility, the client would like the
space to incorporate sustainable furnishings, materials, and finishes
wherever possible.

The client wants the skybox to reflect the financial status of her/him personally and the financial status of her/his recording company. It is an extremely successful company and the skybox must reinforce to its users the luxury associated with that success.

Technical information

The details of the specifications are in my drawings.