Interior Design

WORKIN'CHILL Hostel & Co-Working

Ana Margarida Almeida
Coventry University
United Kingdom

Project idea

An interception of living, working and entertainment. Workin'chill is a versatile hostel for younger generations to come together and spend time shopping, working and socializing.

Project description

The location of this project is the city of Leiria, in Portugal. It is a city known for its centrality and historic past, located right in the centre of the country, near the coastline. Over the last decade, Leiria has seen big developments in terms of industrial expansion. In 2021, it was nominated the second best city to live in, even when living through a pandemic.

D. João III Arcades is a building in the city centre of Leiria. It was built in 1986 with the purpose of being a retail centre and a Hotel. The Hotel had 64 guestrooms and was known for its dynamic conference halls. It went out of business in 2008 and since then, the Hotel floors have been demolished.

The idea behind the Workin’Chill project is to bring back this building’s life, with its new and improved retail spaces, co-working facilities and new Hostel. All of this done with relevant factors- like sustainability and respect for the surroundings- in mind.

Technical information

Softwares used to complete the project
- Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Rush)
- AutoCad
- SketchUp
- 3ds Max + Corona Renderer

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