Dormitory with steel frame

Maxim Sarychev, Kukushkin Roman
Tomsk State University of Architecture and Building
Russian Federation

Project idea

The project was developed for the Steel2real competition, the task was to design a dormitory using a steel frame for 6-8 floors. The idea was to create an unusual hostel that fully meets the competitive requirements.
It was customary to use a rectangular layout with a rounding of the golden ratio using aluminum plates. As well as the development of the backyard and the entrance group, at the very first creation of an accomplishment for the recreation of the residents of the hostel. A very bold color scheme, light bronze + black, this decision was made in order to dispel stereotypes about the coloristic solutions of residential buildings, because the use of black colors also distinguishes and decorates modern energy.

Project description

In the frame of the project, I-beams with a size of 400x400 mm are used, a mixed structural scheme of cross-sections with a cross-section of 400x400 mm. Installed frame-sheathing system. The walls are made of 400mm thick sandwich panels. Internal partitions 200mm made of expanded clay concrete panels. External cladding made of black aluminum panels 150-300mm thick, 3000-4000mm wide, 3150mm high (excluding the 1st floor). Floor height 2700mm + 300mm overlap. The windows are 2400mm high, staggered, the internal walls are plastered. Fire exits are located on 2 sides of the building, from which you can also get to the roof. The roof is not in use.
The entrance lobby is very wide, this is done both for the architectural image and so that students do not accumulate at the entrance to the building. The planning solution was chosen as a corridor type. There is a community floor, residential floors and family floors. There are gyms on some floors. The backyard has spaces for parking, unloading and landscaping. The landscaping consists of a stage, recreation areas and sports areas.

Technical information

The step of the I-beams is 5000-8000mm, the foundation is monolithic with a foundation of 2500mm, the stairs are prefabricated reinforced concrete, the elevators are mounted, the gutter comes off the center of the roof, the plinth protrudes 450 mm. TEP is present at the project submission. The arrival width is 4500mm, the average width of the paths is 2500mm. The building was installed with an indention of 5000mm

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