Interior Design

The Marshall House

Hofi Karlsdottir
Coventry University

Project idea

The aim of this project is to incorporate the essence of Iceland’s rich history of fishing, more specifically “The Great Herring Era 1867-1968” (Icelandic:
Síldarævintýrið) into the design process of an interactive exhibition, seasonal food workshop for the visitor to have a chance to experience the fishing industry first hand, a fine dining restaurant with dishes inspired from the sea around Iceland and studios for seasonal fish factory workers in the area that can be used as an apartment hotel for tourists visiting Iceland when not in use by workers. The project is set in an old herring factory in the heart of Reykjavík that stood vacant for decades after the Great Herring Era was over in 1968. The project also aims to not only educate and entertain visitors of Iceland, but also the local people who want to reach deeper into their roots, of the history and pride that Icelanders have for their country and to remind people of the magnificent impact the fishing trade had on the nation as a whole during times of hardship.

Project description

The Marshall House is a public place for local Icelandic families, tourists and fish factory workers. The aim is to house 15 factory workers in the area, entertain visitors through a memorable culinary experience – by offering events such as seasonal food workshops relating to the fishing
industry and a unique restaurant experience in the evening hours – and educate visitors as well with an immersive walk through exhibition on the history of the fishing industry in Iceland.

Technical information

Name of building:
The Marshall House

Grandagarður 20, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland (city centre)

Year of construction:

Concrete frame, columns and beams

Square meters:

4.5 (including ground floor and
storage attic)


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