Sustainable Habitat

Veaceslav Palancica
Technical University of Moldova, Urbanism and Architecture Faculty

Project idea

The idea was to create a SMART residential complex that would be like a nucleus of urban infrastructure with multifunctional spaces. The unusual geometry created diversifies the shape of the building by raising and retracting it again, creating smaller footprints that are best suited for residential use.

Project description

The project was made up of four large housing groups and equipped with all the necessary utilities (school, kindergartens, commercial spaces, offices, recreation areas, etc.) for a more successful and useful life for this community that will live in this habitat. The aim was to represent another way of life for the society (sustainable architecture) , a correlation between the spaces intended for the public, semi-public spaces and the private spaces of the tenants equipped with green terraces that surely anyone living in the block would want such a luxury. On all these levels generous planting has also been incorporated by the authors to establish a connection with nature.

Technical information

Due to its unusual geometry, the given construction requires more complex technical solutions because vertically as the height regime increases, the consoles protrude more evenly to create a movement that would attract the human eye through its unusual architecture and is associated with elegance and style.

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