Port of Beirut

Anna Bou nader

Project idea

By focusing on the idea on how to make a simpler and functional way to offer the travelers a clear circulation and an easier access, I started by creating a volume divided in two separated by traffic all along the project, one for the departure zone and another for the arrival zone.

Project description

The elevation of the east volume granted a view towards the sea, and an accessible roof towards the gangway.
This central path is the promenade, the link between the city and the sea, connecting the encounter space with the exterior space. It is an axis which connects and gives a relation for all the functions allowing access to the different arrangement of the station.
By crossing this axis one can go from the beginning of the project to the end without affecting the privacy of the traveler.
It is divided into 3 parts:
- The first walkway guides us to the central hall of the arrival zone, which is the zone placed on the ground.
- The central path is for the vehicles access and drop-offs.
- The slop of the second walkway leads us to the departure zone, which is the zone detached from the ground.
The roof is a 5th facade which reflects the modernity and aesthetics of the marine side, it is composed following the same frame of the 4 elevations and the voids expansions.

Technical information

Succession of beams and columns are used as structure with rough concrete as material providing the texture and aesthetics of the volume. Both zones are granted by a glass facade offering a view towards the sea, with voids to integrate light and nature.
This results in a classic concept of form and arrangement of space, completed by the sensory journey through the ramps and the route taken.


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