LAND PEARL - high-tech agricultural development center

Long Bui
xây dựng hà nội
Viet Nam

Project idea

In the present time, technology is gradually being applied in many aspects of life, not except in the agricultural sector.
The development of new cultivars using high-tech culture processes is a must in all countries of the world.
The project is inspired by the construction of a high-tech plant variety research and development center.

Project description

The project is a complex including: research and development of cultivars, exhibitions of new foods and a venue for product auctions.
The project takes the image of rice grain, a popular food in Vietnam.
The project is designed with the purpose to create a professional agricultural research environment, which is an exchange place between Vietnam and other countries around the world.

Technical information

Technologies applied in the project include: biological development, biological machinery, ..
In terms of architecture, projects on applying new materials in construction, insulating double glazing technology, ...