Interior Design


Mertcan Güngör
Balıkesir Üniversitesi

Project idea

The design is based on three points in the cycle of life. In the blue corner, the calming and reliability of life is located. The second corner, is the red corner which represents the excitement and energy of life. Last but not the least one green corner, it is representing the integration of the nature and structure.

Project description

Each corner owns a different solution. Blue corner is based on the reliable cafeteria for whom likes to spend a comfortable time with a drink. On the red corner triangular seats are welcoming us and representing an unamenable seating area. The green corner is the volume for people who likes to be alone with the greenery and the smell of wood material.

Technical information

Design is based on the center structure. A circular structure and the three structure around are connected with the beams which carries the roof for each corner.