Hansa Museum on Przymoście Island in Szczecin

Szymon Zajaczkowski
West Pomeranian University of Technology, (Zachodniopomorski Uniwersytet Technologiczny), Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, [Szczecin]

Project idea

The subject of this study is the concept of Hansa Museum Building on the Przymoście Island in Szczecin. It aims to remind Szczecin as a Hanseatic city, and it’s location on the Przymoście Island fits this building in the rhythm of brick buildings important for Szczecin in the vicinity of Międzyodrze, in particular in the so-called Szczecin's Wenecja. The form and scale refers to the headquarters of the Pomeranian-Szczecin Association of Agricultural Cooperatives, existing until 1945, and draws inspiration from the industrial architecture located in Kępa Parnicka and Łasztownia.

Project description

The complete glazing of the ground floor of this characteristic chimney-like structure allows for the creation of a multifunctional space, including conference rooms, a library or a dining area, which opens out onto the surroundings. The entire museum zone is located in the brick part of the building, which, using numerous vistas, allows you to admire not only exhibitions, but also the city. Thanks to thick gardens located on both ends of the island and on the roof, the building is drowning in greenery, giving the impression of being abandoned and allowing for reflection on the forgotten history of the Hansa.

Technical information

Because of the most of the harbour area of Szczecin is covered in rough, industrial or post-industrial brick I decided to continue this trend in my project. The entire construction is based on three-layered brick wall with reinforced concrete acting as a 'skeleton'. This allows to create specific form, which is in touch with this part of the city.