Interior Design

Filipi's Art Gallery House

Anxhela Dreni, Megi Rrjolli
Polytechnic University of Tirana, Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism

Project idea

The house is projected for a young single woman called Dea Filipi. She is the daughter of a famous albanian painter. The development of the concept begin from the love and connection she had with her father paintings. We turned the house 9x9x9 meters into an art gallery house for her father paintings.

Project description

The gallery House is an open space area with a living room with double hight beacuse we used the white walls to position the paintings with a standart dimension of 180x130cm. Also we created a second floor just for the art zone, art and crafts , a passion Dea has and a glass ramp around the paintings for a better view and a minimal impact in the space.

Technical information

We used white paint for all the walls of the house, wood flooring except the bathroom.


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