Closed parking garage for 260 cars

Julia Lapina
Томский государственный архитектурно-строительный университет
Russian Federation

Project idea

The idea was to create a parking garage that would suite modern urban situation, be convenient enough for local citizens and would represent the spirit of Siberian winter, therefore the fasades are as white as snow and the details - the ribbed panels, the windows and the ramp, look almost weightless.

Project description

The projest itself represent a three-storey building made of concret and lined with white metal panels. It is supported by a structure consisting of columns and beams that is situated on a concret foundation pad. There is also an administrative unit that includes washing rooms for visitors, changing rooms for stuff, storage, office and rooms for required supply systems (heat room and electrical panel). The territory is guarded, so there are security booths at the gates. The ramp's configuration is chosen to be a hexagon prism in wich there is it's own columns system with intercolumnies filled with windows to provide enough light inside and to make an emphasis here. There are frequent windows in the ribbed metal panels for the same reason in addition to tall windows in other places. The Ribbed panels pass as a polyline along all facades, and the windows become more frequent as you get closer to the ramp to anttract viewer's attention to it once again. The lining emphasizes the column structure, and does not hide it.

Technical information

The stucture is made of concret column 400х400 and beams 200x400. The foundation is a concret pad on metal pines. The lining is white metal panels that are attaches to the walls by a system of metal u-shaped brackets and profiles.
Technical and economic indicators:
Volume of construction - 55735,7 м3;
Property area - 19427,5 м2;
Building area - 4568,5 м2;
Total area - 11617,2 м2;
Useful area - 9518,4 м2;
Auxiliary area - 2098,8 м2;
К1 - 0,8;
К2 - 5,9;
Number of parking spaces - 260;
Number of floors of the building - 3.