Urban Design and Landscape

Formalizing the Informal: The Case of permanent settlements

wania shahid

Project idea

The background research of this thesis project revolves around the phenomenon of informal settlement both globally and within Pakistan. Where Machar Colony, one of the oldest and largest informal settlements in Karachi-Pakistan is chosen as a realm for engagement for this project. It is a coastal settlement hence prone to flooding due to rising sea-level. The main goal was to design flood-resistant housing for the fishermen community living in the area.

Project description

The scope of the project solution is sustainable, low-cost amphibious dwellings that are resistant to floods and rising sea-level

Technical information

The buoyant foundations for amphibious dwellings are constructed of fiber drums. But in this proposed thesis project the buoyant foundation is constructed of recycled pet bottles as a low-cost alternative to expensive fiber drums. The pet bottles are grouped in packets and tied in each 2'x2' sized partitions of the floating plate. The floor plate is covered using recycled fishing net found in the community which is almost scrap and cannot be further used by fishermen.

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