Ahsan Raza
University of Karachi, Department of Visual Studies

Project idea

The idea for the project is to provide a platform for post-secondary students to unleash their creativity and turn their skills and ideas into successful business ventures.

Project description

Being a student it's not hard to understand the problems which graduate students face after their studies in professional life where they have to play a vital role in the growth of the industry. By looking at the current situation in Pakistan, where not only the number of youths is increasing but the literacy rate in the youth has also been increased during the last 2 decades. Although it's positive potential for any country, the issue is with the employment: the number of graduates is increasing rapidly but opportunities for graduates are stagnant. So the solution to overcome the problem of unemployment is provided in the form of a "Collaboration Hub", where they can meet with the like-minded people and the people of industries during their studies and can practice and teach the skills they possess to turn them into business ventures.

Technical information

Collaboration Hub is designed on the campus of the University of Karachi, whose master plan and buildings were designed by the renowned architect Michael Ecochard. So the design focuses on innovation while at the same time, give respect to the design philosophy of Michael Ecochard.


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