Urban Design and Landscape

Revitalization of Napier Quarters

Sadia Qazi
University of Karachi, Department of Visual Studies

Project idea

Revitalization of Napier Quarters:
Social development through cultural and economics
Changes which ad hoc growth and Islamization made to the Napier Road has created more social and economic difficulties for the dancing girls. The aim of this thesis is to provide possible opportunities to the dancing girls of Napier road.

Project description

This project would benefit dancing girls to better their current life choices. This would lessen stigma and ensure other options to earn a livelihood, just as those within the community. Part of this process will also be to upgrade the environment: a solution to many of the problems the community currently faces.

Technical information

This Thesis is dealing with the existing heritage buildings and also a proposed newly built structure.
Structure Specification:
1) RCC
3)Pin press installation on Elevation (Aluminum tubes)

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