Residential building of middle storey 'SIBERIAN'

Maxim Sarychev
Tomsk State University of Architecture and Building
Russian Federation

Project idea

The idea of ​​the project is to convey the spirit of Siberia, in the ability to assemble a residential area favorable for the life of people, with the addition of landscaping.
The facades themselves are hills, and the green roof with streaks on the sides is grass.
The main idea behind the formation of the facades was the use of floor-to-ceiling windows for a full view around and the penetration of light into the house. And also the addition of roof terraces for people to relax.
The most important part of the project is designing a house with wooden elements, so that the whole house expresses the idea that there is enough wood in Siberia that can be used to your advantage. Well, the wood material itself is very effective and may not deteriorate for a very long time.

Project description

The project itself consists of 3 buildings, consisting of wooden posts finished with wooden CFP panels.
The structure of the building consists of wooden CLT panels and wooden posts 250x250 mm in cross-section. The roof is assembled according to the rafter system with vertical pillars, for tight roof support and the possibility of the location of terraces, the foundation is monolithic. Improvement is in the center.
8 different apartment layouts are used, there are 10 on the stretcher, but a couple of layouts are similar and the difference between them is in the second tier. Each apartment is equipped with standard sets of interior furniture and unusual layouts, as well as floor-to-ceiling windows with sliding doors, and those apartments that are above the 1st floor with balconies-loggias in which sliding windows should be installed on the sides, but from the side of the courtyard They are not here. There are public toilets and coworking spaces along the edges of the facades. The facade itself develops in tiers, like a slope or a hill. The terraces have a grill, seating sofas and sun loungers.
The landscaping consists of wooden cubes assembled according to the facade formation scheme.
There are 4 sides from which you can get to the site, the site itself is at a height of 700 mm from ground level.
On the site there are trampolines, a slide, obstacle elements, swings, sandboxes and sports equipment, as well as benches.
Outside the outside area there are recreation rooms (gazebos) and rooms for separate waste collection.
In this improvement there is an entrance to the underground parking.

Technical information

The building is assembled according to the corridor scheme, since the project is located in Siberia and the gallery type of planning would not have withstood severe weather conditions. and specifically frosts under - 50 degrees. Entrance nodes are made using a double vestibule for better heat storage inside the building. The project uses wood treated with fire-resistant material. Loggias on balconies have a width of 1500mm or 1000mm.
The roof is made of wooden slats, with a rise of 50mm to drain water along them. The roof itself is supported by a rafter system of 150x150 mm and vertical beams with a step of 300 mm, the frame of the house is made in the form of wooden pillars 250x250 mm, sealed with a metal seal at the joining of the floors. The gutters are located mainly at the edges of the roofs, have a section of 200 mm, picking up water and diverting it to the sides to the gutters lined with wood. There is an exit to the roof. The terraces are arranged according to the size of the rooms, so as not to destroy the rafter system, each terrace has ventilation 800mm above the roof. The porch consists of 3 steps and a width of 2000mm, and a lift 1000x500mm is used for the low-mobility group of the population.
Ladders made of wood, also treated with fire-resistant material. They are located at a distance of 20 m from each other, to provide illumination of the corridor, at the ends of which there are windows 2700x1600 mm. Interfloor overlap 300 mm wide, outer walls 400 mm wide, inner walls 200-100 mm, ventilation blocks have dimensions 900x300 mm and 300x300 mm.
A plinth inside the yard is 450 mm high, outside the yard is 1500 mm, to protect the walls of the building from moisture and snow accumulation. To overcome this difference in height, ramps with a slope of 1:12 were installed on 3 sides of the building. Outside the territory of the house there is a 6 m indent from the facade to protect against noise.
There is a distance of 3500 mm between the landscaping and the building for the passage of firefighters and service vehicles; an underground parking has been created for residents.
The underground parking consists of reinforced concrete pillars 400 mm wide, with a step of 6000-5000 mm. There are 40 parking spaces, each space is 2500x5500 mm wide. There is a 6000 mm wide driveway between the parking spaces. The entrance to the parking is made in the form of a 1-lane ramp with a diameter of 5200 mm. Corridors with 2 vestibules for passage to each of the buildings are designed.
The landscaping consists of cubes with a size of 2000 mm and they are assembled according to the frame system. There are 4 sides from which you can get to the site, the site itself is at a height of 700 mm from the ground level. The landscaping has built-in gazebos with a size of 2500 x 3000 mm, for recreation of residents, some of the gazebos are used to collect separate waste. Drainage grids are installed in the yard to drain water.

Technical and economic indicators
Project area 6513.45 m
Total area of ​​the building 2778.90 m
Improvement area 721.15 m
Paving area 967.83 m
Landscaping area 1115.67 m
Paths area 1558.26 m
Useful area 3223.81 m
Facade area in the Y-N axes 859.40 m
Facade area in axes М-А 1063.13 m
Facade area in axes 16-23 856.07 m

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