Reading pavilion

Samar Zuberi
National College of Arts, Department of Architecture, Lahore

Project idea

The idea for the project is to create a pavilion in a park where students, children, adults can come together to enjoy nature and read

Project description

Till now the f-9 park in Islamabad, Pakistan remains an area that has next to no construction. The entire sector is used for walking and most of the area remains unexplored. In a limited area of the huge park, there are walking tracks, a few swings for minors and a limited number of benches near to where the tracks have been located.
Islamabad has a lot of public that likes to roam outdoors, breathe on fresh air, have a peaceful place to sit, talk and read. The civilians of Islamabad would like have space in parks where they can practice new activities, interact with people without worrying about the harsh weather conditions, but at the same time have a sense of security. Till now there is no construction that is environmentally friendly, user friendly, secure, activity generative and peaceful in all over Islamabad’s parks.
The concept I want to explore is to give the civilians of Islamabad a reading pavilion, that uses all physical means to make the space more environmental friendly and encourage activities that inspire the youth to take up habits of reading, cycling and interacting in the age where children and young adults stay stuck to screens. A public space of this sort shall be open 24/7

Technical information

It is built out of glass, concrete and wood. Two floors of a building to uncooperate the exterior with the interior. Merge spaces to make them environmental and user friendly.


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