benyamin jahanshahi, neda mirani
ayandegan tonekabon

Project idea

In this era, increasing speed and cost reduction are two very important factors in urban life. The purpose of this project is to shape the life - varying events in the form of a widespread housing unit with its modular and flexible structure capable of providing different needs and dimensions of a comfortable and attractive life.

Project description

Here, modular and flexible housing units under the title of CUBOXes in a vertical forest form a larger set. A set that will also have capabilities such as the storage of rainwater through vertical columns and air conditioning, which is both in the service of the collection and the surrounding urban environment.

Technical information

These CUBOXes are placed on a flexible wooden structure made from bamboo, which is increasing in height through rotation inside a ring and shifts them at the vertical axis. The vertical movement of the modular Structure allows that whenever the set needs larger units, they can be positioned together with Altitude change; and at other times, they are separated and work independently. In the inner space of the units, in order to achieve maximum flexibility as well as providing a Pure and open space, the flexible and elastic shell of polyurethane-coated spandex is used, which significantly contributes to the rapid variability of space in accordance with functional variation and reducing the moving expenses to CUBOXes. This collection, in addition to all the public spaces inside its floors; has two collective spaces with the possibility of holding various gatherings as a recreational and cultural space.

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