Eden Residential

Ali Naseri
Islamic Atr of university Art, Architecture university, Department of Architecture
Islamic Republic of Iran

Project idea

At first, by examining the indicators of the project construction site, including neighborhoods and neighborhood units, and the width of the passages overlooking the project, we tried to reach a single concept and a final consensus about this project with the employer.The main pattern in the emergence of the facade design is the creation of private terraces behind the main facade panels.Terraces that connect the interior with the exterior and serve as small courtyards that serve the interior behind the layered panels and increase the quality of the space by improving the surrounding landscape.The use of flexible wooden panels in the facade varies the view from inside to outside and offers different qualities at different hours of the day and night, as well as optimizing the open and semi-open space by entering the terrace design.

Project description

Lack of use and willingness to use unrelated elements in the facade plan, including redundant and repetitive lines, as well as improving the appearance and landscape of the plan at the regional and neighborhood scale, is one of the few factors emphasized in the implementation of the plan to purify and compile It has been theoretical and conceptual .The use of green space was a need that should have been seen in the design of the facade, because most residents of apartment spaces in their living space often feel the absence of green space and are looking for a suitable alternative. .Changing the position of vertical wooden panels on the facade surface causes us to see the emergence of a new design on the facade surface at different times during the day and night, which prevents the repetition of the design on the facade surface. Defining a suitable pattern for the formation of the facade design in accordance with the wishes of the employer and the architect's thought is one of the concerns that exist in most projects and responding to them by combining different elements in the design process, the formation process can be solved.

Technical information

The structure of this project is metal, the number of floors is 6 and it has 6 residential units.The land area of this project is 800 square meters. The area of each residential unit is 120 square meters.


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