House of Culture and Rest

Maxim Sarychev
Tomsk State University of Architecture and Building
Russian Federation

Project idea

The assignment required the development of social information
center in the village of Spacious, on the street Green Boulevard. Also design the improvement around.

My architectural decision was to change the idea of ​​what a cultural center should be, that it is also an architectural dominant and may look unusual. Also, the main idea was to add a portable console on which you can relax and read books while leaving the library. In order not to clutter up the landscaping and the facade itself with cars, use the underground parking as the main one.

The secondary idea was, in the maximum functionalism of the landscaping. Design of playgrounds, gazebos, zones with fountains erupting from the ground. But there was not enough time for that.

The façade consists of bronze plates on the ground floor and steel plates on the 2nd floor, as well as the window frames and door frames made of bronze and steel.

The interior of the first floor is an area for celebrations and meetings. There is also a hall for 300 seats, so it was pleasant to make the interior in strict colors. The materials are concrete and wood.

The interior of the second floor, on the other hand, is a recreation area, circles and entertainment, so it is made of light wood.

Surrounded by an unloading area, b parking spaces and a ramp to the underground parking.

Added a small solution to the street around.

Project description

The layout concept lies in convenience and a larger area,
the combined foyer and lobby give people more freedom, as well as
high ceilings, Someone can sit in the stage before the performance
located in the center of the lobby, someone can go to eat at
fresh air, or sitting in an Internet cafe.

In the basement there is a technical room and a parking lot.

The first floor is allocated only for the main zones of workers, sound,
cash desk, wardrobe, reception, staff, artistic.

Premises with state and municipal services, as well
located closer to the main entrance on the 1st floor.

The second floor is fully dedicated to the entertainment and educational area, together with a recreation area.

There are two courtyards with a stage and tables with
seats, to rest people, or to announce information - small

The left wing serves as the administration premises,
rest rooms and archives.

The right wing performs the function of the training zone, the circle

There is a library and a courtyard on the console. There are additional
premises for the pantry and utility room of the library. Here
there is also a view of the forest from large windows.

Technical information

The project consists of landscaping, 3 floors, lined with metal and bronze plates. The landscaping is done in such a way as not to interrupt the view of the facade. The console is supported by concrete pillars 500x500x500mm thick.
Floor 1 - windows with a height of 1000 to 3000 mm are used, doors with a height of 2100-2500 mm, lined with bronze plates 800x2000 mm
Floor 2 - fully clad with metal panels 2000x600-1200 mm, there is an inner courtyard fenced with glass sliding doors
Floor 3 - Library with console access, well lit

Technical and economic indicators

building area 1100 м^2
green area 1461 м^2
concrete pavement area 1057 м^2
area of wooden flooring 275 м^2
fountain square 29 м^2
parking area 1461 м^2
parking space 59 м^2
unloading area 74 м^2

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