PROT/MAD_[VN+CL+NN]_XX.X: an urban-logistics experiment for the center of Madrid

ismael medina manzano
Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid

Project idea

The city of Madrid is one of the most important ecommerce logistic platforms in Europe.

Logstics are interfering in it and modifying local people´s customs by means of a strategic policy through the colonization of the lower level commercial spaces from the central districts.

For this reason, PROT/MAD [VN+CL+NN]_XX was born, as a logistics and urban planning strategy, as a transformation and modification of the current logistic system with a new proposal at every level.

It is a logistic experiment that will be developed in the abandoned sheds of Ventas, a hinge between the M-30 and Alcalá street.

Project description

Thus, it embodies a big industrial complex embedded in the city scale and that interacts with the environment and the citizens. It´s functioning is autonomous, yet it will portray as if all its mechanisms are in a store window, with the park providing different angles from where to observe it.

The project interacts in two very different ways with the city; one side faces the park, more transparent and scattered, that interacts with the people, the other, overlooks the M-30, opaque and compact that interacts with the moving vehicles.
A project that speaks about its transparency and intents to show all its mechanisms through a light structure and a wrapping technique that strengthens the concept.

Technical information

The machines show their construction and mechanisms in a way that they interact more directly with the visitors and the city. The logistic stops being opaque to be transformed into a new closer and transparent system that comes together with the city, activating it.

The complex acts in the places where it´s located and that way, city and logistics come together, becoming more efficient.

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