Agriculture and Climate Research Center

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Project idea

The project consists of developing a research center in agriculture and climate on an artisanal plantation site in Kasa-vubu in the center of Kinshasa. In addition to validating and maximizing the agricultural potential of the site, it is concerned with the challenges of protecting the natural resources that make up the landscape.

Project description

The organization of the program is spread out in the form of small pavilions which strengthen the close link with the landscape and consists of an administrative block, research spaces with library, sales spaces, a culture tower, an amphitheater of greenery integrated into the agricultural site.

The architectural forms are inspired by the biotope that resists in an urban environment, which is the sphinx (moth) that polishes cultures. The structural concept diagram emanates from a series of combined translations and rotations and the intersection of the skeletal circle of the oloid (concept-scalar-architecture).

Technical information

To create a dialogue with the place, the buildings have taken on the shape of the land with superficial foundations (to erase, ...) and the choice of materials taking into account the socio-economic context.
Note the use of cleats of construction wood with hay coating, of wood joist for the construction of gantries.


This project marking the end of the first cycle of training in Architecture is individual.

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