Theatre populaire

Giorgi Rekhviashvili
Ilia state university

Project idea

The Building forms take inspiration from triangular shapes and patterns from national ornaments, which are used on different types of buildings and objects.

Project description

The project includes light forms and open spaces. The amphitheater is covered with a thin layer of roof, that is lifted in the air, which makes the work building more heat resistant, also protecting the amphitheater from sun and rain, while not blocking the views of the stage and outside. From the outside it looks like a traditional Burkinan pattern. Near the entrance the roof is also connected to five structures made of wooden canopy, which is lit up at night making a beautiful scenary. In the outside area, there are many open spaces covered by same type of roofing. These spaces can be used for outside activities, events, outside cafeteria, ticket stores or local markets. Labo and CDC buildings are in a separate area. The buildings are completely reconstructed, using basic forms.

Technical information

Both stage and sitting area is sheltered by roof made of tencile fabric, which is connected to the supporting rods and cables. The rods are strengthened by wooden canopy. Other than fabric, only local materials are used.

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