At the crossroads of the desert, a village of craftsmen in Agadez

Chaibou Mahaman Aboubacar

Project idea

. Centrality (the project is defined by a circular route)
. Interpretation of traditional architecture
. Cover, semi-open and open space
. Hierarchy of spaces
-The bioclimatic patio

Project description

Architecturally speaking, the objective is to reflect a cultural identity specific to Niger. Give artisans an impression of home. It is about finding an interpretation of traditional Nigerien architecture in a new modernizing image.

On the social level, it will be a question of creating a place open to the public favoring the exchange and the interactivity between the various social layers. It will be the common denominator of all the ethnic diversities existing in Niger.

From an economic point of view, the project will allow the influx of local and foreign visitors allowing the development of Nigerien crafts which occupies the 2nd rank with a percentage of 25%, it is important to increase this rate. Handicrafts should be a vector of promotion for tourism which is still underdeveloped.

Technical information

The structure
The main structure covering the meeting space is a light structure and allows the stage to be shaded.

The materials
We will use traditional and modern materials
Traditional terracotta brick
Wood for light structure
The reinforced concrete


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