commercial and administration building

Geis Omran Abdelsalam Ikhleif
Benghazi University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, Benghazi

Project idea

The concept of the project Hoopoe, who's present is important for clean environemt, which make the outer ou line of this commercial and administration building which front part has a extra-biding steel structure for coffee and cafeteria and music place in front of river or gardens.

Project description

The building is formed of two main parts; one for administration offices , the other for commercial work. there is main entery at center, and two back buildings; one for engineering services and other for maintenance services, there is good areas for footpaths and green areas and parkings also for special human needs. It is not just for buying or doing office work, it is also to spend funny times in it's front glassy tower like building.
It is the best chance for any company to be build such this multiunit- harmonic building.

Technical information

concept: Hoopoe bird. using shape like bird opening his wings with the feathered protrusions on his head.

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