Surgeon's House

Arvids Apelis
Riga Technical University, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning

Project idea

The main goal of this project was to create a house which reflects owners destiny and philosophy and implement it in Deconstructivism style. The house was projected for 4 family members – man who works as a surgeon, woman - fashion designer and 2 kids (12 and 15 yo). One of the most important things in this project – to find a balance.

Project description

As a concept I took men’s life story – he was born in a poor family and made himself. This reflects on a 1 floor. When you enter the building it seems like there is only one way – to the stairs (behind them is a huge window which symbolizes bright future) but as you move forward you realize more options to move as in life. By the way, all walls on 1 floor are inclined inwards. All this is made to remind him about those times, because some people lose their motivation to move forward.
The situation on 2 floor is opposite, walls are inclined outwards and you see all possible ways where to go (represents success).
The exterior middle part represents hourglass because man works as a surgery, he knows what is time.

Technical information

All materials are used, bearing to mind climatic situation and Building codes of Latvia. External cladding is made of SwissPear façade panels, insulation – mineral wool. House has SmartHouse system which provides improvement of energy consumption. In addition this project has detailed 38 page construction project (Selections, details).

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