Nini Margishvili, Avtandil Margishvili
Georgian Technical University

Project idea

Imagine Architecture, dancing in exctasy like organized system of chaos. What may seem surreal at the first glance, also carry the fundamentals of “Regionalism”, considering existing cultural, sociological, urban context and environment. The main feature of this project is that it should not just be an expression of a common sense, it should also have a sympathetic and aesthetic value. Art is the illusion of rational will. Human’s perception of an aesthetics lies within the dephts of a rationality. Architecture can not be reviewed objectively, it is indeed subjective and has a relative nature.

Project description

The project represents every unique aspect this country can offer. Art, indigenous materials, open spaces, pathways, which lead to compositional spaces, trust, which is represented by curtains, dancing along with people, making an illusion of isolation and still be welcoming. We decided to not touch the existing structures, but to enhance the complex throughout the amphitheater. It has a slope of ground around it, which can be used for recreation, seatings, solar panels, but considering the fact, that we were unaware of it’s structural role in this building (the situation of below the ground, to be exact) we haven’t included it in the project visually, but potential is significant. We planned the Work, Labo and Show areas to be seperated from each other, Therefore seperating visitors and workers, eliminating the chance of impediment. The whole complex consists of Burkina faso culture-painted walls, with curtain doorways, and two type of buildings : the wooden-roof and the Cylinder (also wooden planked) one, which also varry according to the exact place they are situated in. (night lighting color,dimension,interior arrangement,height)

Technical information

The main entrance is located next to existing buildings. Cargo truck entrance is the opposite side of the complex and worker's right next to it. all of them have their own parking slots. every material is indigenous and sustainable.

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