Theatre populaire Idea(L)

Ana Mdinaradze
Ilia state university

Project idea

Observing Burkina Faso's capital Ouagadougou, the first thing that caches your eye i the grid of rectangular, simple geometric shapes.
When you look directly at the architectural forms, you will see that the buildings are also simple, poor, monotonous, in shades of sand and desert. This is an environment where your theatre complex is located, which seems to be out of context and doesn't has contact with the urban environment. After analyse the current situation, I decided that the renovated theatre should have new connections with the existing area. It will help to make theatre easy to access. It is also important that the theatre and the CDC approach to each other, because these two complexes have almost the same functions, this is why new spaces are integrated with both. After considering the typical climatic conditions and the existing environment, I decide to make the architecture simple, with
minimalist shapes, small openings, sun shades, green roof and local materials. Which will fit new buildings into the context harmoniously and maintain a different look.

Project description

The theatre includes several spaces that are located in different parts and provide free spaces between them, which can be used for a variety of activities. The theatre has added a new stage, which is mainly represented by simple, massive forms and wooden details. Behind the stage, there is located work space for actors, stage decorations, meetings, techniques, workshop and etc. outside the theatre there is a show space that includes ticket sales office and cafeteria with sunshades. And the Labo area is divided into two parts: 1. Spaces for art disciplines 2. Studios and workshop integrated with the CDC complex. In the CDC buildings, there has been replaced accommodation space, it has been grow and added some parts of the labo space. And the other buildings are untouchable. There is parking on the territory of the complex and it is possible to access the truck. There are no walkways between the buildings, as the whole area is covered with sand and people decide for themselves which direction to go. There is vegetation around the buildings which also provides shades and coolness.

Technical information

solid shapes and a green roof protect the building from overheating. There are also shades near the buildings and between them to protect from the sun rays. The walls of the buildings are made of local bricks and covered with white concrete. There are sun shades on the windows too, that protect interior from heating.


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