Ring of activity

Katarzyna Dybala
Silesian University of Technology, (Politechnika Śląska), Faculty of Architecture, Gliwice

Project idea

The project RING OF ACTIVITY aims to highlight the existing but abandoned Theatre Populaire and its development possibilities. The main idea of the design is to encircle the Theatre with a ring. The ring consists of solids covered with the wavy roof. The curved roof structure provides an easy foot access, both to the existing Theatre Populaire and the newly designed solids.

Project description

The site plan design refers to the existing structure of the surrounding area. The parking area is located on the north-west side due to the existing road. The entrance zone is placed in the south in order to connect the Theater with the CDC buildings. The west side of the design is calmer and more devoted to the existing vegetation according to the idea of the layout of the CDC compound.
There is a clear division into three main functional areas, i.e.: a work part in the west, a show part in the south and a lab part in the north-east and the east. Each part is separated from the other thanks to the roof. Between these three main parts the wavy roof becomes pedestrian paths that allow to get into the middle of the designed area. Although the functional spaces of work, show and lab do not constitute one building, they are connected in a different way. The circular form of the design and the wavy roof provide a free foot access in endless directions. In addition, all the newly designed solids are gathered around the existing Theater Populaire, which makes it even more complete and comprehensive.

Technical information

The construction can be easily done by local craftsmen, using local materials (palm wood, acacia tree, adobe brick, savanna grass). The foundation of all the buildings is made with a rammed earth technique, strengthened by a mixture of stones and gravel. Walls are made with a rammed earth technique as well, but they are reinforced with an internal net made from acacia branches. There is a multilayer lime and clay plaster as an external surface of the walls. The plaster can be painted with the traditional patterns made by local artists. The wavy roof consists of a palm wood frame and a layer of dry vegetation, for instance savanna grass.


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