Gvantsa Norakidze
Georgian Technical University

Project idea

Inspiration comes from forms of nationality. It represents the chain composition of African national dwellings, settlements, African ornaments and masks used during dances.

Project description

According to the plan, the circular façade, open with a pile of bricks, consists of horizontals and verticals. The forms are joined together by a common coiled base that follows each separate row shape in a circle, and is joined at the top by wooden panels. Circles, twisted lines, verticals, horizontals, wooden beams ultimately look like African ornaments. The separate form itself is a modernized and sophisticated version of the national dwelling. So, why this structure? The inspiration, again, is Africa. Their people and settlements, side by side. Taken in one form, which resembles their old dwelling, it is repeated many times as a small village, but at the same time quite modern as visually technically and structurally. The plan consists of three separate but somewhat related spaces. A show space that can be found at the entrance with a cafeteria, meeting rooms, ticket sales and handmade accessories venues. To the right and left of its axis is a labo space 4 with educational halls, in the middle of which chairs and small greenery create an environment for young people to sit and relax. The back of the stage is entirely dedicated to the workspace with backstage, bathrooms, dressing rooms, etc.

Technical information

The structure is built entirely of earth, (Earth architecture) (Which is quite developed in Burkina Faso) with a pile of open bricks.

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