Donghyeon Won
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Republic of Korea

Project idea

I designed character with movements and actions. I focused on adventure and imagination instead of reality and stability. This unfamiliarity and curiosity invite you to interact and participate throughout the body. The building provides people the enjoyment and the mystery into their daily routine. I was inspired by Brutalism from Paul Rudolph. The reason why I named my project motherhood came from my intention of implying mother and child to smooth and lighten the boldness and heaviness of brutalist quality.

Project description

When we think about grocery store, we often engage them with familiarity and homey atmosphere. By placing the creature in a neighborhood area, new life occupies the city, interacts with its inhabitants, neighborhood, and the adjacent environment. I want to provide movement and vitality to the neighborhood.
Everyone has different perception and interpretation. It has capacity to associate multiplicity of collective identities, within the neighborhood.

Technical information

The monster is simultaneously vague and clear. Two columns remind us legs and the upper level terrace reminds us a head. We associate a certain posture with the way we feel in our own body, and therefore read it as another creature.
My main challenge was to embrace the train station and create TOD (transit- oriented development). When people get off the train either intentionally or coincidentally, they are coerced to begin their journey from inside of the monster’s stomach.

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