Poh Javan , Lau Yi Xuan Andrea, Lim Charlene, Ho Yuan Ting, Nicholas Mok
Temasek Polytechnic

Project idea

By understanding the diversity of cultures and races in Burkina Faso, we wanted to create a design that best represents the demographic. Burkina Faso is home to many tribes which creates such diversity. Hence we wanted to create a design that unites the people and have this village idea where different people regardless of backgrounds are able to connect with one another through arts, music, food, with a modern touch while being both environmentally and culturally sustainable.

Project description

Our design intent was to use our understanding on Burkina Faso's strong cultural influence in the region to create an iconic architecture. The key points that were taken into consideration were that due to the huge diversity in the country, the form has to be able to unite the people through the creation of various communal spaces.

Technical information

The site’s key features include two roofs that span across the entire site which provides shelter from weather elements. It also creates opportunities for layering which allows the creation of a “canopy bridge” that provides 360 views of the site and its surroundings.

The 2nd feature includes a plaza located in the centre of the site which provides opportunities for street market/vendors, outdoor exhibitions and performances. It also has a water feature in the centre of the plaza which symbolizes the communal and unity of the people.

The last feature includes a glass dome that covers the theatre, providing shelter while allowing sunlight from entering the theatre while creating expression and flow.


Poh Javan , Lau Yi Xuan Andrea, Lim Charlene, Ho Yuan Ting, Nicholas Mok


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