Theatre Populaire Idea amphitheatre renovation project

Aleksandre Iobidze
Ilia state university

Project idea

Main idea of the project was creating space that can connect three aspects- attractiveness, sustainability and dynamism. Theater and especially dance associates with eternal movement and plasticity. This is why building is shaped that way- wide wave that covers you like magnificent performance. Shape of the roof and curved floor plan represents one of the main ideas of the dance- plasticity in motion.

Project description

Alongside with minimizing demand on artificial light during the day, natural cooling and ventilation was important part of the concept. Ouagadougou is a hot place and having constant air movement inside building is essential. This key part of the design was achieved by creating ground level inlets for cool fresh air on north side and large ceiling outlets which are shaded by roof to eliminate direct solar radiation. In addition, ceiling fans are speeding up air flow for better performance. And even if this would not be sufficient, solar panels installed on the south slopes of existing stage will produce more than enough energy for use of mechanical cooling systems in hottest hours. Extra energy could be fed into the existing AC network to power neighbor buildings.

Technical information

Strong character of the building reflects traditions and local climate challenges. To begin with, it is easier to create difficult shape using relatively small parts. Locally available “Red stone” can be extracted out from the ground. Brick similar blocks made from it will easily follow the form of the building and fill reinforced concrete load-bearing structure.


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