Interior Design

"Hol Hotel"

Mariana Cuciaș
Technical University of Moldova, Urbanism and Architecture Faculty

Project idea

The main aim of this project was to present a conceptual idea for a hotel lobby located near by the sea. This project consists of a AutoCAD album and drawn perspectives, in watercolor technique.

Project description

This project consists of several stages. The first stage is - an analysis of the master plan that the teacher provided us, the next stage is - creating the album.
Then follows the stage of drawing perspectives. At this phase, together with the teacher, I chose the color scheme and interior style. Then comes the preliminary drawing, which follows to roughly see how the selected style and colors will look. The last step is to draw perspectives, the ceiling and furniture plan, and draw a section of the room which should be placed on two canvases (60 x 90 cm one canvas). All this scope of work is provided for two months.

Technical information

The album for this project was drawn in AutoCAD. The album consists of two pages with the main data, 9 plans and 4 sections of the room.
The basic plan consists one floor, on which the hotel lobby is located. This floor has been zoned to: reception, waiting area and cafe-bar. On this floor there are two panoramic windows that overlook the sea. The ceiling height is 3.7 meters, the total area of ​​the room is 216 meters, where the length is 18 and the width is 12 meters. On this floor there is a staircase that leads to the next floor where the hotel rooms are located. This staircase has both a functional and decorative role.
At the stage of perspective drawing, basic colors were chosen that conveyed the beach's color palette and marine atmosphere: turquoise, golden-yellow, brown and silver. The interior style was chosen in favor of the Scandinavian with elements of modern fittings, as the main features of this style are elegance, light colors and the effect of spaciousness, this is exactly what the guest needs. In addition to the decorative side, this project took into account all the rules of anthropometry, ergonomics and international standards.


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