Kosovo war museum and memorial park as palimpsest of historical-memorial complex in Prekaz

Ylleza Hoda, Suzana Krasniqi, Arbra Tahiri
University for Business and Technology - UBT

Project idea

Prekaz is a really important and meaningful place of Kosovo because of the war.There is a memorial park being visited from people all around the world.What is being missed there is a museum and a place to be more developed for the ones that visit that place, so the project idea starts right here.This museum is created in memory of the war and the disasters that Albanian families have gone through.

Project description

Everything here was ruined and with no hope, but because of them today there are more than a million hopes of people living in our country.Shapes with sharp pointed forms are the parts of the concept of the museum, because of their "tough" meaning and expression.

Technical information

In our project we have used sharp forms which clearly convey to us the history of Prekaz.These shapes are also used in the masterplan and in 3D views.


This project is a group work of : Ylleza Hoda, Suzana Krasniqi,Arbra Tahiri


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