Brisbane office building

Kuan U Chan
The University of Queensland, School of Architecture, Brisbane

Project idea

The aim of the project is to develop a mid-rise office building onto that site in Brisbane, Australia.

Project description

The project was focus on the facade performance. The clients want to gain the direct sunlight during the winter and reduce in the summer time.
On the level 1 of the building, it is designed for some retail use, also some restaurant.
The project also provided the office floor plan for the top 3 levels as the levels were aimed to occupied by the project client, and the bottom office levels were proposed for lease for the open market.

Technical information

Window wall glazing system was used in this project.
The vertical shading element (fins) can help absorbing more and less sunlight during the winter and summer season with its specific placing angle. Some climbing plants are also placing along the fins on the east, north and west facade.
In the structure of the building, the level 4 to level 9 are using a timber (Cross laminated Timber) frame structure and the bottom part of the building (including the lobby and carpark levels) are using concrete frame structure

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