Green Urban Space

Suffian Alalem
University of Derby
United Kingdom

Project idea

Here is my concept, the building has 190m long, 45m wide, and 6m height. The project is the central space that regulates the entire composition. The outdoor park invites you to enter the large public space covered on the upper floor, where you can find the restaurant, the office, or open-air festival.

Project description

The office’s expansive glass walls have on the extruded aluminum-wrapped
enclosure overlooks the park. Pedestrians can cross the upper floor using a stair that’s across the building’s upper floor. The restaurant is aligned along the building’s facing side, with large glass windows giving a view out across the park. The upper floor served as the perfect outdoor room for the client’s relaxation and entertainment needs.

Technical information

It was intended to respect both the outdoor space and the building’s offices by transforming parts of the roof into privileged points of view on the site; the staging plans become terraces with a square function where people can stop and interact with each other. This allowed the use of the area throughout the day giving the community a place that was previously undefined. The functions are contained below the roof-square; large
windows allow the most exposed environments to enjoy an excellent level of brightness while those in the shade, covered auditorium, are protected from the outside. The intervention proposes a system in which a building for culture becomes a regeneration suit on an urban scale.

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