TROJA accommodation and buffet

Tereza Dvorakova
Czech Republic

Project idea

This projects aims to create an open space of terraces and long steps for passers-by to relax and enjoy the natural environment in proximity to the main cycle path which meanders parallel to the city's main water source, the Vltava river, as well as creating impressive interior space for accommodation and a buffet. The building focuses on shape which is defined by creating a functional and pleasant environment for visitors, without majorly disturbing the natural ambience of the location.

Project description

The building itself is partly built into the terrain and partly consoled out towards the cycle path. The massive curved concrete tubus is filled with a contrasting subtle glass cube which can be opened in the summer months to create an open space on the inside of the building, providing shade and protecting visitors from disfavor of weather conditions. the glass cube seemingly cuts through the concrete creating a glass railing on the roof, defining a terrace accessible from the top building. The consoled part of the building is covered in reflective glass, creating a seemingly invisible structure with irregular windows and separations. This part is at an angle towards the main view - the Baba ruin, and its front part is cut, emphasizing this aspect.
The steps and terraces are created in order to create multiple access routes, as well as creating relaxation space with a beautiful view of the Vltava river. The play with sizes and lengths of individual steps evokes a feeling of freedom and individuality.

Technical information

The bottom part is built into the terrain and is technically resolved with reinforced concrete with an integrated layer of thermal insulation. The glass cube is made from triple glass and the rear walls (toilets and bar) are from reinforced concrete and EPS thermal insulation. The consoled tubus is made from reinforced concrete, thermal insulation and covered in reflective glass.


Ing.arch Štěpánka Hájková
Ing.arch.Petr Lédl, Ph.D

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