Paradigm Museum

Alireza Hemmati
Islamic Republic of Iran

Project idea

Architectural approaches are the worldwide approaches. Good architecture means a right use of these methods.
Selecting an approach is depending on Project , Function , Location and... And use of rational logics is also correct.
Based on the recent architecture of Iran, Paradigm has been choosed as the name of the museum. What is Paradigm?
Paradigm means a situation that would become a theme for Artists,Architects,Writers and...
The space between last paradigm and the new one means transformation that can happened during years. But there
is a general rule in this field; obeying the main style of architecture, history , culture and climate.

Project description

The main part of building is under ground that has 3 floors. First, We enter -2 floor that is classic era. Then we can meet modern era in -3 floor that is seperated from classic era. Then we come into -1 floor which is post modern era. It should be affected by classic era by central void.

Technical information

The structure of main building is pillar and beam and also the structure of the upper surface is truss.

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