Apartments Building

Ondřej Čeliš
Czech Republic

Project idea

The core of my design is to accomplish current block development and provide people new housing opportunities

Project description

The apartments are situated on Smichov district, alongside Nadrazni street. Building is divided into twelve levels. In the basement there are garages and technical facilities. The ground floor is comprised of restaurant, shops and special apartment for handicapped people. Apartments are located above and account for major part of the building’s total floor area.
The apartments from second to sixth floor are primarily small and medium-sized ranges from 35 to 70 square meters per apartment. Larger and maisonette apartments in the range about 150 square meters are located in seventh floor. Top floor flat is multi-storey penthouse, with fully glazed walls opening on to terraces which offer views across Prague,the technical train bridge, the Vyšehrad and Prague castle.

Technical information

The construction is meant as combined system. There are load bearing columns and reinforcing staircases made of reinforced concrete. Facade is made of corten shading elements.


doc. Ing. arch. Ladislav Tichý, CSc.
Ing. arch. Jiří Trojan
Ing. Tomáš Eckschlager

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