Tehran international conceptual art complex

Alireza Merati
Islamic Republic of Iran

Project idea

By considering the fact that nowadays tehran has became a populated and disordered city furthermore, fundamental Spiritual necessity of people who live in tehran is getting relax and to have calmness and also releasing their inhibited and repressed feelings, I tried to design a place to reach this purposes.
According to this opinion, designing a complex which contains some places for exhibiting artworks and moreover, is dynamic and Spirituality promoter, would be like a mentality filtering against anxieties of all over the city.
Definition of conceptual art :

A kind of art that, the concept or idea of the work of art is more dominant and significant in compression with, ordinary asthetics and aslo the materials that are used for creating the work of art.

Any general theory of art must begin with this sup position: that man responds to the shape and surface and mass of things present to sense, and that certain arrangements in the proportion of the shape and surface and mass of things result in a pleasurable sensation, whilst the lack of such arrangement leads to indifference of pleasurable relations is the sense of beauty; the opposite sense is the sense of ugliness. It is possible, of course, that some people are quite unaware of people are colour -blind, so others may be blind to shape and surface and mass. But just as people who are colour-blind are comparatively rare, so there is every reason to believe that people wholly unaware of the other visible properties of objects are equally rare. They are more likely to be undeveloped.
The work of art is in some sense a liberation of the personality; normally our feelings are inhibited and repressed. we contemplate a work of art, and immediately there is a release; and not only a release - sympathy is a release of feelings - but also a heightening, a tautening, a sublimation. Here is the essential difference between art and sentimentality : sentimentality is a release, but also a loosening, a relaxing of the emotions; art is a release, but also a bracing. Art is the economy of feeling; it is emotion cultivating god form.

Project description

The challenge of designing this project which had to be a symbol of art, is that, by considering the fact that art has no exact and specify definition, designing this complex, required a noticeable effort for making the exterior and also interior part of the project as a definition of art, furthermore, creating a dynamic and functional space, not just a ''big conceptual mass or shell''.... A great responsibility.
consistent with this idea, i tried to use specific techniques for reaching these purposes, that are;
- Using the conceptual contents in the form of the building by considering the function as well.
- The scenario of Light and shadow combination. Light and shadow combination make a pleasant rhythm, this rhythm affects people and makes them move around the building and experience the outside space, moreover, this rhythm affect people who are inside the building as well and has similar impression.
- Continue surface technique for connecting the form of the building to the open area that people can seat, walk and spend their time. this technique link people to the whole building by preparing some facilities like chairs as a result of converting shell of the building to the seats.
All of those techniques above, are the ideas after considering some elements, site of the project, culture, programming and functional table, city climate and feasible accesses to the site.
the project contains three main floors, and also, three parking floors.
Main floors include two permanent and temporary galleries that individually contain major and minor galleries, and, moreover, an open gallery for exhibition performance art works that have a main access from a big ramp and also other principal accesses like elevator and stair from inside the building. In fact, the big ramp providing an access to people from open area of ground floor to the roof and people can realize the whole city from top of the building, furthermore walking toward upside the ramp will give people a feeling of sublimity.
these 3 main floors also contain, a main space for art work shopping, main ramp gallery, theater hall, cafe and restaurant, administrative part and library.

Technical information

The building planed by Concrete Structure for main structure and the parametric shell by metal components.
all of the galleries are planed to be Equipped by FM200 Fire Suppression gass.
The exterior side is planned to cover with concrete wall and transparent side that is better to use spider glass for it.
Using plants and a tree in the center of the building for emphasizing sustainable development idea and, by the purpose of propagation the importance of nature.
A matt, transparent, light transferor shell continued in basement floor. It affects incidence of natural daylight in all main floors, in fact this daylight influence makes inside to a dynamic space.

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