Museum of death and life gallery

Elnaz Nouri
Islamic Republic of Iran

Project idea

A poem by Dr. Elahi Ghomshei

Project description

The museum has 3 parts of birth, life and death
The birth of the beginning of my life, I imagined that we would be born from the soil of being created and seen in the material world. So the first part is slightly lower than the level of the area. After that is life. In life, there are several paths and beauties and openings, as well as fears and imperfections, I showed using a two-level maze. I saw death as a gateway to a divine doctor
Death is like a door that opens up on Beck (Dr. Elahi Qamshahi)

Technical information

The floor plan has three floors. The second and the second floors are not complete and only part of the site
Most of the angles are used and the walls are mostly without a window

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